Auto-MOLD-bile: Is Mold growing in your car?

Mold rear driver doorMold is a fungi that grows in warm, damp places. Along with warmth and moisture, it needs organic matter to breed. There are various forms of mold. Some strains are very dangerous to people. Mold has a dank musty smell.mold - rear driver door after

For instance, black mold is harmful to people. By breathing in the spores, it could spark symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, eye irritations, and headaches.


Develop clean car habits. What are clean car habits?

  1. Clean or have your vehicle’s interior detailed regularly - vacuum, clean windows, wipe down all panels (giving driver's side special attention). Skin cells build up on the things you often touch.   
  2. Have Your Vehicle Detailed Professionally At Least Once A Year — A professional detailer has the proper knowledge and tools for addressing things beyond your capabilities.
  3. Avoid Eating in The Car Food and drinks spills land under/between seats, door pockets, onto seats and carpets.
  4. Repair Leaks —Windows, Seals, and Sunroof
  5. Keep Sunroof Drain Clean — Clog drains pushed water into the car.
  6. Open Windows To Let Moisture Escape.
  7. Replace Cabin Air Filter Per Auto Maker Recommendation — Check with repair shop for filter location and replacement 
  8. Occasionally Run Fan With AC off — Dries Moisture in System.


You may ask, “If I suspect mold, what should I do?” Don't touch it. Find a professional who can properly kill and clean the mold with specially made chemicals. You may or may not find these in the local auto or department stores. Using the wrong chemical could cause more harm than help. It could spread the mold rather kill it, discolor or stain seats and carpet.

Ultimate Goal - Reduce the three ingredients inside of you auto: warmth, moisture, and organic matter. Mold is airborne. So it won't be completely eliminated. By controlling the environment, you can keep it from finding ahome in you car.

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