Honda Element Ready For the Elements

From a distance the 2010 Honda Element looks fairly clean. It lives outdoors with many trees in the area. Upon closer inspection, there was a lot of dirt, pollen, and grime under the mirrors, around the windows and in other tight spaces.

Needless to say, the Element was due for a detail.

Honda Element Before Detail

The owner decided to have it detailed after bringing another car in for service. She recognized the Element needed more care than just the regular car washes.

The car was washed from top to bottom, giving special attention to all the cracks and crevices. The paint was decontaminated with clay bar. The trim was treated to preserve color.

The customer was introduced to ceramic coatings and decided to have it applied to the paint. She may not keep the car many more years and did not want to invest a lot of money. So she chose a one year coating. With the proper care, she should get the expect life of of the product.

The coating will provide better protection versus a sealant against the tree sap and debris. It will hold up against regular washes.

Honda Element After DetailAfter seeing the Element, the customer and her husband were extremely pleased final results. They plan on having their cars maintained regularly by Red Clay Detailing,

Red Clay Detailing is an Atlanta based detailing company and offers several ceramic coating options. Call today for a consultation.

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