How to Protect Felt Car Mat Backing

Do you have a car floor mats with felt backing or another soft material? Typically Mercedes, BMW, other other luxury brands use this backing material.

How can you keep them from picking up excessive dirt and debris? 

One method, I use to protect the backing is never taking the mats out of the car. That’s usually for a vacuum. For deep interior detailing, mats can be put in the van or placed on a table in the shop. 

You’re thinking, “I don’t have a van. A table is not readily available.”

Well, you have a trunk or cargo area in your SUV. You put the mats in the trunk out of the way, if there is room. You filled the trunk with other stuff: bags, tools, or work gear.

This gives you working platform space for cleaning the mats. Also, you have the mats out of the ways in the front of your car. The mats are not sitting on the ground. 

This is the method I recommend if you need space and want to protect the felt backing, and keep it from picking up debris

A note about laying the mat on concrete or asphalt. Not only will it pick up debris. The backing will rub and wear away prematurely. The backing can be separated from the carpet fibers. 

As a result, new mats will be needed. Depending on the vehicle, the mats are very expensive. Cheap replacements may not be an option.

In closing, the trunk can be a great space for mat vacuuming. If you have never done so, check the backing before removing from the car. 


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