Oh No, Pollen! Car Care Tips Before Spring

Each Spring, the plants go wild and release pollen. In places like Georgia, we are covered in a yellow haze of pine pollen, for weeks. For many car owners, this is a dreaded time of year. During this time, car owners may boycott washing their car until after the yellow release stops. Secondly, they may drive themselves crazy with daily rinses or frequent car washes.

How should one care for their car’s appearance during the Spring? You should protect the paint before Spring is in full swing.

What should I use?

Wax or seal the paint.  Say what?!

Waxes are naturally based like carnauba as well synthetic based. Waxes are more common to the general public. Sealant are synthetic and long lasting. On average, waxes lasts about four to six weeks. Whereas, sealants protects up to three months. These time frames are for well maintained vehicles.

When properly applied, waxes or sealants items help protect against dirt and pollutants. Although your car is regularly washed, paint protection adds a protective barrier  against the elements. There are many choices in the local auto care departments. Find a product that works best for your car and apply regularly for lasting protection.


Pollen Covered Car

Consult a professional auto detailer, if you wish to learn which of these product may best suit your auto needs.







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