Vapor Steam Sanitizes Auto Interiors

Steam Passat VentA commercial grade European vapor steamer is the tool of choice for cleaning vehicle interiors. It produces “dry” vapor. Along with cleaning, a vapor steam sanitizes auto interiors. Also, vapor steam is eco-friendly and odorless.

Adequate heat is the key. Vapor steam is most effective when heated to approximately 300 degrees. With an adjustable PSI, it may be used for several interior cleaning applications: seats, carpets, vents, dash, and doors.

All surfaces of your vehicle are cleaned with less chemicals. This process deep cleans the pores of the surface by breaking the bond between the dirt and the surface. The moisture then suspends the dirt so it can be wiped away. At the same time, it kills bacteria on contact leaving you with a clean and sanitized vehicle.

Vapor Steam Benefits

• More effective than general cleaning
• Deodorizes and sterilizes
• Reduces chemical use
• Less drying time for fabric and carpet
• No water saturation that can lead to mold spores
• Less water means healthier carpet and upholstery
• Kills germs and bacteria and micro-organisms like mold and dust mites
• Thorough cleaning of all nooks and crannies
• Sanitizes air conditioning vents

As you can see, it only makes sense to use the vapor steam cleaning method to insure your car is as clean and sanitized as possible.

At Red Clay Detailing, we keep your interior nice and clean with vapor steam. Request an appointment today.

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