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Allergies Out Of Control?

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What is that smell? Does your car have an odor that never goes away? Air fresheners seem useless and makes matters worse? The car still smells like smoke after having the interior detailed? The cabin air filter may be the culprit.

The cabin filter traps dirt, pollen, moisture, and debris. This filter is different from the engine air filter. It cleans outside air coming into the vehicle passenger cockpit through the vents. In many cases, it is located behind the glove box.

Over time, it becomes clogged and grows bacteria. Cabin air filters are made of paper, cotton or other porous material. A dirty cabin filter will produce a bad smell in the heating and cooling system (HVAC). It can aggravate allergies and asthma.

According to some experts, the cabin filter should be replaced between 12,000-15,000 miles. Others recommend 25,000 – 30,000 miles. The best recommendation is check with your vehicle manufacturer.

Another option is to buy a reusable filter and clean it at least once a year.

Reusable Cabin Filter Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Reusable Filter

K&N filters are washable. A single filter would give you many years of use.

Where to Buy?

  • Auto Part Store
  • K&N Filters –
  • Filter Heads –
  • Online AutoParts Dealer

Does My Vehicle Have a Cabin Air Filter? 

Not all vehicle have a cabin filter. For example the 2005 Chevy Silverado does not. One of the best resources is a car dealer parts department. The parts staff can search by the VIN to determine if your car, truck, or SUV has a cabin filter.

How to Replace Cabin Filter Videos:

How to Decrease Foul Odors?

– Check and change cabin air filter.

– Shampoo carpets and seats.

– Vacuum carpet and seats regularly.

– Clean up food and drink spills immediately.

In Conclusion, Fall and Spring are heavy allergy seasons. With it comes sniffles and sneezing possibly increased in part by a dirty cabin air filter. Take the above actions to reduce allergy or other respiratory irritations.

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