Paint Specks on Car

The car owner noticed small white specks on his 2018 Honda Accord. Contractors were painting the apartment building. He looked for companies that could remove it and found Red Clay Detailing.  Paint specks covered the entire car: body, glass and wheels. Overspray was heaviest on the front end and the passenger side. The specks were […]

Fixing Bird Dropping Damage

Overall, the exterior of the 2011 BMW 328i was in good condition. The paint had light swirl marks. The owner’s primary concern was damage from bird droppings on the hood.    Across the hood were circles made by bird poop; the droppings had eaten into the paint. The car had been detailed removing some of […]

Porsche 911

What is a Waterless Car Wash?

The processes of a waterless car wash and a traditional car wash are different. Could you tell whether a car was cleaned by one method versus the other? In either case, the outcome would depend on the effort and vehicle condition. Waterless is best for cleaning light dirt. For heavy dirt buildup, this method will […]

Removing Spray Paint

A can of spray paint burst in the Ford Fusion trunk. Paint hit the fabric lining, the truck roof, the rubber seal, the rear bumper, and the taillight. Watch video The car owner’s main concern was the bumper and taillight. Upon contacting Red Clay Detailing, the owner asked about the process. Would it be a […]

'64 Falcon Futura

‘64 Ford Falcon Futura

The owner recently purchased this 1964 Ford Falcon Futura and wanted to enhance the paint gloss. Along with out state shows, he drives it around town.   The 1964 Ford’s paint was thin in areas which prohibited heavy paint correction. We  agreed on a light polish and Gtechniq EXO ceramic coating for protection. With the coating the […]

Boy Sneezing

Allergies Out Of Control?

What is that smell? Does your car have an odor that never goes away? Air fresheners seem useless and makes matters worse? The car still smells like smoke after having the interior detailed? The cabin air filter may be the culprit. The cabin filter traps dirt, pollen, moisture, and debris. This filter is different from the engine air filter. It cleans outside air coming into […]

Free Sealant Upgrade

Get A Free Sealant Upgrade with A Red Clay Detail Purchase What is the difference between a wax and paint sealant? Wax is the most commonly known paint protection. It adds a warm and deep gloss to paint. However wax provides limited UV protection and durability. Wax contains carnauba. Carnauba wax breaks down faster in […]


Spring is a wonderful time of year. It represents growth, a new beginning. With that growth comes pollen. The dreaded spores that spur new life. Although pollen is in many sizes and colors. the yellow pine pollen is highly visible. It takes no mercy. Pine pollen covers everything: vehicles, streets, structures and more. Not only […]

Porsche 911T Targa Paint Correction and Coating

Initially, the Porsche 911T Targa was slated for a level 1 polishing and paint sealant. However it was being shipped to a new home that sits on a dirt road. Although housed in a garage, a ceramic coating was applied after the paint correction for better protection and easier cleaning. The coating locks in the […]

Steaming Vent

Does Your Car Need A Flu Shot?

Have you considered a flu shot for your vehicle? Let’s assume you’re the tidy type who never brings food or trash into your car. Your car looks pretty clean, especially after it gets washed and vacuumed, doesn’t it? But what about the germs you can’t see?  Think back to your last trip to your favorite […]

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