Spring is a wonderful time of year. It represents growth, a new beginning. With that growth comes pollen. The dreaded spores that spur new life.

Although pollen is in many sizes and colors. the yellow pine pollen is highly visible. It takes no mercy. Pine pollen covers everything: vehicles, streets, structures and more. Not only is it a pest outside, it makes a way indoors onto car interiors and home furnishings.

A common reaction is to do nothing and wait until pollen season blows over. Another would be to take your vehicle throw the tunnel wash on the unlimited wash plan. Both could a big mistake. 

First, pollen is sticky. Be it’s nature it will attach itself to anything that it contacts. To do nothing will add to the build up and a stronger bond. The pollen will become hard to remove. It will get into the cracks and crevices. The spores are not easy to remove from rubber. 

Pollen on Wing - Atlanta Detail Shop

Second, the tunnel wash may be causing more harm than good. Drive thru washes could see hundreds of cars a day. If poorly maintained, dirt and grime from previous washes attach to the cleaning fibers and rub onto your vehicle during cleaning. Although removing pollen, it could be scratching the paint. 

What is the Solution?

  • Apply paint protection to the vehicle: (wax, sealant, coating)
  • Rinse off the vehicle at least twice a week (Before driving)
  • Wipe interior surfaces with damp cloth 

Paint protection creates a barrier between the car paint and elements. Dirt and other particles will be easier to clean off the vehicle. After rinsing the car, it will air dry on the drive. These few steps will reduce the pollen build up and keep you sane. 

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Porsche 911T Targa Paint Correction and Coating

Initially, the Porsche 911T Targa was slated for a level 1 polishing and paint sealant. However it was being shipped to a new home that sits on a dirt road.

Although housed in a garage, a ceramic coating was applied after the paint correction for better protection and easier cleaning. The coating locks in the polished paint results for years to come. It also adds slickness and gloss.

Along with paint correction and coating, the 911T interior received a light dusting and vacuum. It’s vinyl top was protected with Raggtopp Vinyl Protectant.

Does Your Car Need A Flu Shot?

Steaming Vent

Have you considered a flu shot for your vehicle? Let’s assume you’re the tidy type who never brings food or trash into your car. Your car looks pretty clean, especially after it gets washed and vacuumed, doesn’t it? But what about the germs you can’t see? 

Think back to your last trip to your favorite restaurant, or even that quick pit stop at the local gas station. Did you use the restroom? What were your feet standing in? That’s right, pretty gross! Well, all that dirt and bacteria is now on the floor mats and pedals of your car, but it doesn’t stop there. 

Studies have shown that millions of germs, fungi, bacteria and even mold are most likely hitching a ride in your car. Microbiologist Anthony Hilton from Ashton University randomly tested car interiors and found on average, 285 types of bacteria present in every square inch of the vehicle. Steering wheels, gear levers and trunk carpets were the worst offenders with as much as 300 to 400 bacteria per square inch. Does Fido ever go for a ride in your car? The study found traces of fecal matter from pets too!

“Our study found organisms in a car that are not uncommon to be found around a toilet,” said Hilton. ” Today’s car has become more of an extension of the domestic environment — where people eat and drink and talk on the phone. It’s like a room of your house on wheels.”

So, what can be done? Have your car professionally steam cleaned by a trained and certified detailer. By combining specialized cleaning products with proven techniques and an industrial-grade dry vapor steam machine, your car can not only look clean, but become sanitized too. All these tools and process act as a flu shot for the interior.

Dry vapor steam machines produce super-hot steam typically above 300° F. The steam will kill microorganisms on contact, so your car is getting sanitized while it’s getting clean. This strong cleaning power uses extremely low water content, so carpets and upholstery won’t be wet once the cleaning process is over. 

If you don’t disinfect the germs in your car at least once a year, your car can easily spread the cold and flu viruses, or even worse! Interested in learning more? 

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Article used by permission from Chris Woolman at Octane Detailing

1986 BMW M6 Faded Paint

The owner wanted to bring the 1986 BMW M6 paint back to life. It had sat under a car port for years.

First, the car needed a bath. The BMW was cleaned of all the dirt, dust, debris, and leaves. This allowed for a better inspection of the paint.

M6 Hood Before Paint Correction - | Atlanta Detail Shop
Red Wool Pad

Put mildly, the unpreserved 30 year old paint was in poor shape. It was dull and faded. It was covered in water spots and deep scratches. The BMW M6 required sanding and heavy compound polishing with wool pad.

M6 Polishing | Atlanta Detail Shop
M6 Hood After Paint Correction  | Atlanta Detail Shop

After removing the scratches and water spots, the paint gloss was not at its best. It still need further refining. One more step was needed: polishing.

Polishing the paint removed any haze from compounding. It made the paint pop! The M6 hasn’t look this good in a long time. Who knows how long it sat without any real love and care?

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