VoyageATL Features Yasir Waqaar

In May, VoyageATL featured me, Yasir, on their website. The article is part of their Hidden Gems collection.

The series highlights entrepreneurs and artist in Atlanta and surrounding areas. VoyageATL supports the local business community with this effort.

It’s not everyday or ever, that you are asked for a business interview. For every interview, I get excited as if it’s the first time. After the initial joy, I must calm myself and focus. Otherwise my responses will be repetitive and incoherent. That’s because, I am not thinking clearly.

This interview process was different than any other I have done. VoyageATL conducted the interview completely by email and online questions. In one sense, I found it odd. Odd because it was new. I was used to speaking by phone or voice chat.

In another way, the process was refreshing. I could revisit some responses. Also, I could respond in the middle of the night and over a several days rather than at one sitting.

All and all, I was happy for the interview. I love sharing my Red Clay Detailing story. Plus take a moment and read the article at VoyageATL Hidden Gems

COVID-19 Operational Changes

Because your safety and health as well as my own is of the utmost importance, all interior detailing has been suspended. To avoid possibly transferring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) between vehicles, exterior only services are available until April 31 or until further information is available about going back to normal operations.

I am reading and studying the rules coming down from local, state and federal agencies and following their protocol as new information comes out.
Yasir Waqaar

What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

Keep your vehicle interior clean
1. Use vinyl leather rubber cleaner on panels
2. Clean glass with alcohol based cleaner
3. Use fresh towels for each cleaning
4. Focus on high touch areas: knobs & buttons

Avoid Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide on interior services.


Please contact me at 404-419-6882 with any questions or concerns.

Auto Detailing – Essential Business

IDA Press Release

This press release was published by The International Detailing Association on March 18th, 2020. It is in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Red Clay Detailing supports the IDA’s position that car detailing is an essential business during this time. Appropriate measures are being taken to safeguard customers and staff.

If you have any question please call 404-419-6882 or complete the online form. I am here to help. — Yasir Waqaar



Spring is a wonderful time of year. It represents growth, a new beginning. With that growth comes pollen. The dreaded spores that spur new life.

Although pollen is in many sizes and colors. the yellow pine pollen is highly visible. It takes no mercy. Pine pollen covers everything: vehicles, streets, structures and more. Not only is it a pest outside, it makes a way indoors onto car interiors and home furnishings.

A common reaction is to do nothing and wait until pollen season blows over. Another would be to take your vehicle throw the tunnel wash on the unlimited wash plan. Both could a big mistake. 

First, pollen is sticky. Be it’s nature it will attach itself to anything that it contacts. To do nothing will add to the build up and a stronger bond. The pollen will become hard to remove. It will get into the cracks and crevices. The spores are not easy to remove from rubber. 

Pollen on Wing - Atlanta Detail Shop

Second, the tunnel wash may be causing more harm than good. Drive thru washes could see hundreds of cars a day. If poorly maintained, dirt and grime from previous washes attach to the cleaning fibers and rub onto your vehicle during cleaning. Although removing pollen, it could be scratching the paint. 

What is the Solution?

  • Apply paint protection to the vehicle: (wax, sealant, coating)
  • Rinse off the vehicle at least twice a week (Before driving)
  • Wipe interior surfaces with damp cloth 

Paint protection creates a barrier between the car paint and elements. Dirt and other particles will be easier to clean off the vehicle. After rinsing the car, it will air dry on the drive. These few steps will reduce the pollen build up and keep you sane. 

If access to water is a challenge, Red Clay Detailing is happy to help you maintain your vehicle’s appearance. Schedule service at 404-419-6882.

Red Clay Detailing is a professional detailing service in Atlanta, GA. Services include: paint polishing, headlight restoration, ceramic coating, rv detailing, watercraft detailing: boat & jet skis.

Going Back to School

Reading to Class

Although never a student at Toney Elementary, Yasir of Red Clay Detailing had driven past the school countless times. He grew up in the area and at one time lived in the neighborhood shared with Toney.

This year, he set foot in the halls for the very first time. He joined over twenty five African American Men for Toney Elementary Read In.

Each year, Toney Elementary invites African American men from the community for its Read In. The event is held in observance of Black History Month. The invitation is open to men across Atlanta.

During the Read In, Yasir read to five different classrooms of varying grades. He visited Kindergarten, First, Third and Fifth Grade classes. He had three different books to accommodate the different ages.

During the visit, the Toney Elementary staff was very welcoming from the principal, teachers, and students. Each classroom greeted Yasir with a “Good Morning,” “Hello,” or “Welcome.” The students were attentive and engaging. They asked questions about the stories. Some students would predict what would happen next.

Yasir Talking with class

During the visit, the Toney Elementary staff was very welcoming from the principal, teachers, and students. Each classroom greeted Yasir with a “Good Morning,” “Hello,” or “Welcome.” The students were attentive and engaging. They asked questions about the stories. Some students would predict what would happen next.

Principal Dean and Mr. Bradley

Principal Oliver Dean II stated this 2019 Read In had the largest participation of readers. He invited us all back for the next year’s Read In. Principal Dean also extended an open invitation for to visit any time throughout the school year. He noted community presence is needed and always welcome at Toney Elementary.

Toney Elementary School is located at 2701 Oakland Terrace, Decatur, GA 30032

Decatur Vet Details Air Force One

Former Marine Selected For Air Force One Detail Team

Decatur Native To Work On Air Force One

DeKalb FreePress: 7-28-17 by on Scribd



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