COVID-19 Operational Changes

Because your safety and health as well as my own is of the utmost importance, all interior detailing has been suspended. To avoid possibly transferring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) between vehicles, exterior only services are available until April 31 or until further information is available about going back to normal operations.

I am reading and studying the rules coming down from local, state and federal agencies and following their protocol as new information comes out.
Yasir Waqaar

What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

Keep your vehicle interior clean
1. Use vinyl leather rubber cleaner on panels
2. Clean glass with alcohol based cleaner
3. Use fresh towels for each cleaning
4. Focus on high touch areas: knobs & buttons

Avoid Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide on interior services.


Please contact me at 404-419-6882 with any questions or concerns.

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