Detailing Services

Red Clay Detailing wants to make your vehicle look its best. During your appointment, a vehicle inspection is performed to match the proper services with your needs.

2018 Mercedes Benz E400


Scratch Removal

Spot buff small area or entire panel. Sanding may be required for deep scratches. Upgrade to paint correction if there are multiple scratches.


Paint Exfoliation

Removes embedded dirt from paint not removed with car washing. Wax/sealant bonds better to paint


Headlight Restoration

Cloudy headlights are sanded and polished then sealed with UV protectant

After Headlight Restoration

headlight restoration before picture recondition


Ceramic Coating

Also called nano-coating. A durable paint protection used in place of sealant and wax. Learn More

Maserati Ghibli Coated


Paint Correction

Removes swirls/scratches/oxidation returns paint to mirror finish. Level depends on condition and severity.


Debadging & Emblem Removal



Steam Clean

Cleans and sanitizes all surfaces, upholstery, carpet, compartments, leather, and vents.

Steam Passat Vent


Stain Removal

Treat and removal a single interior stain. For multiple stains, add Steam Cleaning, the best option.

Floor mats stain Removal


Odor Control

Interior is treated for foul odors including: organic, smoke, and pet. Note: Interior must be clean for this service.


Mold Remediation

Vehicle interior is sanitized and mold spores are removed

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