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Family Day at The Lake is a one day outing at a Georgia lake. Originally, it was called Day at The Lake. The first event was held in 2011 at Allatoona Lake. Many times, people asked if children are welcome. In response, family was added onto the title.


Family Day at The Lake provides a space away from the city. No one is directing how to observe the day. 


Everyone choses their path. Many relax by the water. Others enjoy jet skiing and boating. There is no shortage of food. Although food is prepared, many bring their own or donate to the event. As the name says, it’s a family.

Family Day at the Lake is an open invitation for everyone near and far. In previous years, Family Day has rotated between Lake Oconee and Allatoona Lake. 


This year’s event will be on West Point Lake and features a new activity: The Family Day Games. Who will leave with the bragging rights? Add your team on the form at the bottom of this page. 


The Family Day Games is a  family versus family competition. Activities include water games balloon dodge ball and obstacle course. Don’t worry it’s for the not so athletic. We are excited about the new venue and the games addition.  

This summer’s event will be held on July 31st at Earl Cook Recreation area in Lagrange, GA. It starts at 10AM and ends at 6PM. The park closes at 9pm so enjoy the space. 


Park Address: 1464 Lower Glass Bridge Rd, LaGrange, GA 30240

Earl Cook Park Tree in Water

Earl Cook Park features:

 -Long Shoreline

 -Lakeside Pavilion



 -Boat Dock

 -Picnic tables

 -Tennis Court

 -Basketball Court

Family Day Games

Are you up for some friendly competition? Sign up your team below. 

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