Detailing in Action

Overall, the exterior of the 2011 BMW 328i was in good condition. The paint had light swirl marks. The owner’s primary concern was damage from bird droppings on the hood. 


Across the hood were circles made by bird poop; the droppings had eaten into the paint. The car had been detailed removing some of the damage. However, there were light blotches still present. Therefore removal required an aggressive approach. 


In total, the hood had about twelve (12) damaged areas. Each spot was sanded with 3000 grit sandpaper. Next, the area was compounded removing the sanding the marks. Then, the hood along with the entire car was polished bringing out the gloss. Lastly, the paint was protected with Beadmaker paint sealant. 


Whenever birds target your car, you should remove the poop immediately. This can be done with a water rinse or spraying and wiping with detail spray and a microfiber towel. 


Also, you should keep protection on the paint with wax, sealant or ceramic coating. These will slow down the effects of acid on your paint. Paint protection will make removal easier and save you money over a detail or repaint. 


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