The car owner noticed small white specks on his 2018 Honda Accord. Contractors were painting the apartment building. He looked for companies that could remove it and found Red Clay Detailing. 

Paint specks covered the entire car: body, glass and wheels. Overspray was heaviest on the front end and the passenger side.


Detailed and Polished


The specks were very tiny. They were hard to see in certain light. Beside light, rubbing your hand across the surface detects the dots.


To start, a deep cleansing wash was done followed be claying the paint. The clay removes embedded dirt, metal particles, and pollution. For tight spaces, graffiti removal was used. 

Specks on bumper

The video shows some of the work done in the overspray removal process.

After the body, dots were removed from the wheels.  The black wheels were restored to the original gloss finish.  

Upon removing all the paint, the Honda was polished. This process enhanced the gloss and removed light scratches. Finally, the paint was protected with a sealant locking in the shine.


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