Spray paint on trunk area

A can of spray paint burst in the Ford Fusion trunk. Paint hit the fabric lining, the truck roof, the rubber seal, the rear bumper, and the taillight. Watch video

The car owner’s main concern was the bumper and taillight.

Spray paint on hinge and seal

Upon contacting Red Clay Detailing, the owner asked about the process. Would it be a chemical or mechanical process? I assured him it would be chemical.

The removal process required the proper chemical and patience. The paint cleaner removed overspray without damaging the car paint. It was sprayed on a small area and let dwell for several minutes. Afterwards, the cleaner was wiped from the panel.

Spray paint removed from bumper and taillight

On the rubber seals, the process was more involved. This piece required cleaner application and scrubbing with a brush. The grooves were filled with paint. The process could not be rushed.

Paint removed from trunk area

After much scrubbing, the spray paint was gone. The plastic and rubber were not degraded with chemicals and over abrasive scrubbing.

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