What Causes The New Car Smell?

BMW Console Shifter
Car Cock pit

The new car smell is unforgettable. Do you remember buying a brand new car? No previous owner, low mileage, sparkling paint and that interior smell? Ahh! 

For many, the new car smell evokes a clean, fresh, unspoiled feeling. Years after that purchase, car owners are chase that new car scent. They buy air fresheners hoping to keep or recapture that feeling. 

The scent is produced by new plastics and vinyl releasing gas. All surfaces are bare: seats, dash, console, panels, and carpets. Nothing at the dealership has been added to the car creating this scent. There is no exact new car smell. The actual odor varies based on the interior makeup. It may include hints of leather and or metal. Once completely released, the scent goes away. 

Therefore, you will lose the new car smell. Remember, that odor you love so much is a mixture of gases. Instead of the new car scent, you should strive for a clean scent.

If have questions about interior odors or want a clean and fresh interior, please contact Red Clay Detailing at 404-419-6882. You will receive a clean odorless interior. If desired, you can add the “bottled” new car scent, afterwards