VoyageATL Features Yasir Waqaar

In May, VoyageATL featured me, Yasir, on their website. The article is part of their Hidden Gems collection.

The series highlights entrepreneurs and artist in Atlanta and surrounding areas. VoyageATL supports the local business community with this effort.

It’s not everyday or ever, that you are asked for a business interview. For every interview, I get excited as if it’s the first time. After the initial joy, I must calm myself and focus. Otherwise my responses will be repetitive and incoherent. That’s because, I am not thinking clearly.

This interview process was different than any other I have done. VoyageATL conducted the interview completely by email and online questions. In one sense, I found it odd. Odd because it was new. I was used to speaking by phone or voice chat.

In another way, the process was refreshing. I could revisit some responses. Also, I could respond in the middle of the night and over a several days rather than at one sitting.

All and all, I was happy for the interview. I love sharing my Red Clay Detailing story. Plus take a moment and read the article at VoyageATL Hidden Gems

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