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What is a Waterless Car Wash?

The processes of a waterless car wash and a traditional car wash are different. Could you tell whether a car was cleaned by one method versus the other? In either case, the outcome would depend on the effort and vehicle condition.

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Waterless is best for cleaning light dirt. For heavy dirt buildup, this method will scratch the paint and is inefficient. Therefore, a traditional or rinseless wash are better options.

How Does A Waterless Wash Work?

Although relatively small, a waterless wash contains water. It is a spray cleaner high in lubricates, which makes wiping the panel easier. The cleaner is sprayed onto a small panel. The solution softens the dirt and lifts it from the surface. This chemical process helps reduce scratches.

To remove the dirt, a clean soft microfiber towel is gently passed over the cleaning area. Then, a second clean towel is wiped across the paint. This removes streaks and leaves a shine.


The cleaner comes comes ready to use or as a concentrate. The ready to use is a safer and easier route versus concentrate. Improper mixing may lead to problems. Too little waterless wash will increase the chances of scratching the paint. Too much, the product may streak and require more effort to remove from panel.

Like car wash soap, waterless washes are made as stand alone cleaners. Also, they come mixed with wax, sealants, or Silica Dioxide(SiO2). These variations add protection while cleaning the vehicle.

What Can Waterless Wash Clean?

The waterless car wash cleans all exterior areas: paint, wheels, glass, plastic and rubber trim. Also, it is good for light interior plastic and vinyl cleaning. Although not a end all be all, the waterless wash is great for maintaing your vehicle between heavy washes.

Lastly, waterless washing uses more towels than a traditional wash. However, it is great for the winter and summer. Car washes can be done indoors out of frigid cold and blazing heat. Not to mention, there are no hoses or buckets to wrangle.

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