Paint Specks on Car

The car owner noticed small white specks on his 2018 Honda Accord. Contractors were painting the apartment building. He looked for companies that could remove it and found Red Clay Detailing. 

Paint specks covered the entire car: body, glass and wheels. Overspray was heaviest on the front end and the passenger side.


Detailed and Polished


The specks were very tiny. They were hard to see in certain light. Beside light, rubbing your hand across the surface detects the dots.


To start, a deep cleansing wash was done followed be claying the paint. The clay removes embedded dirt, metal particles, and pollution. For tight spaces, graffiti removal was used. 

Specks on bumper

The video shows some of the work done in the overspray removal process.

After the body, dots were removed from the wheels.  The black wheels were restored to the original gloss finish.  

Upon removing all the paint, the Honda was polished. This process enhanced the gloss and removed light scratches. Finally, the paint was protected with a sealant locking in the shine.


Fixing Bird Dropping Damage

Detailing in Action

Overall, the exterior of the 2011 BMW 328i was in good condition. The paint had light swirl marks. The owner’s primary concern was damage from bird droppings on the hood. 


Across the hood were circles made by bird poop; the droppings had eaten into the paint. The car had been detailed removing some of the damage. However, there were light blotches still present. Therefore removal required an aggressive approach. 


In total, the hood had about twelve (12) damaged areas. Each spot was sanded with 3000 grit sandpaper. Next, the area was compounded removing the sanding the marks. Then, the hood along with the entire car was polished bringing out the gloss. Lastly, the paint was protected with Beadmaker paint sealant. 


Whenever birds target your car, you should remove the poop immediately. This can be done with a water rinse or spraying and wiping with detail spray and a microfiber towel. 


Also, you should keep protection on the paint with wax, sealant or ceramic coating. These will slow down the effects of acid on your paint. Paint protection will make removal easier and save you money over a detail or repaint. 


Do you have bird droppings or bug damage? Contact Red Clay Detailing for a consultation. 404-419-6882  

VoyageATL Features Yasir Waqaar

In May, VoyageATL featured me, Yasir, on their website. The article is part of their Hidden Gems collection.

The series highlights entrepreneurs and artist in Atlanta and surrounding areas. VoyageATL supports the local business community with this effort.

It’s not everyday or ever, that you are asked for a business interview. For every interview, I get excited as if it’s the first time. After the initial joy, I must calm myself and focus. Otherwise my responses will be repetitive and incoherent. That’s because, I am not thinking clearly.

This interview process was different than any other I have done. VoyageATL conducted the interview completely by email and online questions. In one sense, I found it odd. Odd because it was new. I was used to speaking by phone or voice chat.

In another way, the process was refreshing. I could revisit some responses. Also, I could respond in the middle of the night and over a several days rather than at one sitting.

All and all, I was happy for the interview. I love sharing my Red Clay Detailing story. Plus take a moment and read the article at VoyageATL Hidden Gems

COVID-19 Operational Changes

Because your safety and health as well as my own is of the utmost importance, all interior detailing has been suspended. To avoid possibly transferring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) between vehicles, exterior only services are available until April 31 or until further information is available about going back to normal operations.

I am reading and studying the rules coming down from local, state and federal agencies and following their protocol as new information comes out.
Yasir Waqaar

What Can You Do To Stay Safe?

Keep your vehicle interior clean
1. Use vinyl leather rubber cleaner on panels
2. Clean glass with alcohol based cleaner
3. Use fresh towels for each cleaning
4. Focus on high touch areas: knobs & buttons

Avoid Bleach and Hydrogen Peroxide on interior services.


Please contact me at 404-419-6882 with any questions or concerns.

Auto Detailing – Essential Business

IDA Press Release

This press release was published by The International Detailing Association on March 18th, 2020. It is in response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.

Red Clay Detailing supports the IDA’s position that car detailing is an essential business during this time. Appropriate measures are being taken to safeguard customers and staff.

If you have any question please call 404-419-6882 or complete the online form. I am here to help. — Yasir Waqaar

What is a Waterless Car Wash?

Porsche 911

The processes of a waterless car wash and a traditional car wash are different. Could you tell whether a car was cleaned by one method versus the other? In either case, the outcome would depend on the effort and vehicle condition.

Eco Wash Porsche

Waterless is best for cleaning light dirt. For heavy dirt buildup, this method will scratch the paint and is inefficient. Therefore, a traditional or rinseless wash are better options.

How Does A Waterless Wash Work?

Although relatively small, a waterless wash contains water. It is a spray cleaner high in lubricates, which makes wiping the panel easier. The cleaner is sprayed onto a small panel. The solution softens the dirt and lifts it from the surface. This chemical process helps reduce scratches.

To remove the dirt, a clean soft microfiber towel is gently passed over the cleaning area. Then, a second clean towel is wiped across the paint. This removes streaks and leaves a shine.


The cleaner comes comes ready to use or as a concentrate. The ready to use is a safer and easier route versus concentrate. Improper mixing may lead to problems. Too little waterless wash will increase the chances of scratching the paint. Too much, the product may streak and require more effort to remove from panel.

Like car wash soap, waterless washes are made as stand alone cleaners. Also, they come mixed with wax, sealants, or Silica Dioxide(SiO2). These variations add protection while cleaning the vehicle.

What Can Waterless Wash Clean?

The waterless car wash cleans all exterior areas: paint, wheels, glass, plastic and rubber trim. Also, it is good for light interior plastic and vinyl cleaning. Although not a end all be all, the waterless wash is great for maintaing your vehicle between heavy washes.

Lastly, waterless washing uses more towels than a traditional wash. However, it is great for the winter and summer. Car washes can be done indoors out of frigid cold and blazing heat. Not to mention, there are no hoses or buckets to wrangle.

Removing Spray Paint

Spray paint on trunk area

A can of spray paint burst in the Ford Fusion trunk. Paint hit the fabric lining, the truck roof, the rubber seal, the rear bumper, and the taillight. Watch video

The car owner’s main concern was the bumper and taillight.

Spray paint on hinge and seal

Upon contacting Red Clay Detailing, the owner asked about the process. Would it be a chemical or mechanical process? I assured him it would be chemical.

The removal process required the proper chemical and patience. The paint cleaner removed overspray without damaging the car paint. It was sprayed on a small area and let dwell for several minutes. Afterwards, the cleaner was wiped from the panel.

Spray paint removed from bumper and taillight

On the rubber seals, the process was more involved. This piece required cleaner application and scrubbing with a brush. The grooves were filled with paint. The process could not be rushed.

Paint removed from trunk area

After much scrubbing, the spray paint was gone. The plastic and rubber were not degraded with chemicals and over abrasive scrubbing.

‘64 Ford Falcon Futura

'64 Falcon Futura

The owner recently purchased this 1964 Ford Falcon Futura and wanted to enhance the paint gloss. Along with out state shows, he drives it around town.  

The 1964 Ford’s paint was thin in areas which prohibited heavy paint correction. We  agreed on a light polish and Gtechniq EXO ceramic coating for protection.

With the coating the Falcon will clean up easily. Road debris and bugs will come wipe off with little effort or use of harsh chemicals.  

Now, the owner can spend less time washing and more time admiring other vehicles and socializing at car meets.

Allergies Out Of Control?

Boy Sneezing

Person Standing on Forest Road

What is that smell? Does your car have an odor that never goes away? Air fresheners seem useless and makes matters worse? The car still smells like smoke after having the interior detailed? The cabin air filter may be the culprit.

The cabin filter traps dirt, pollen, moisture, and debris. This filter is different from the engine air filter. It cleans outside air coming into the vehicle passenger cockpit through the vents. In many cases, it is located behind the glove box.

Over time, it becomes clogged and grows bacteria. Cabin air filters are made of paper, cotton or other porous material. A dirty cabin filter will produce a bad smell in the heating and cooling system (HVAC). It can aggravate allergies and asthma.

According to some experts, the cabin filter should be replaced between 12,000-15,000 miles. Others recommend 25,000 – 30,000 miles. The best recommendation is check with your vehicle manufacturer.

Another option is to buy a reusable filter and clean it at least once a year.

Reusable Cabin Filter Dirty Cabin Air Filter

Reusable Filter

K&N filters are washable. A single filter would give you many years of use.

Where to Buy?

  • Auto Part Store
  • K&N Filters –
  • Filter Heads –
  • Online AutoParts Dealer

Does My Vehicle Have a Cabin Air Filter? 

Not all vehicle have a cabin filter. For example the 2005 Chevy Silverado does not. One of the best resources is a car dealer parts department. The parts staff can search by the VIN to determine if your car, truck, or SUV has a cabin filter.

How to Replace Cabin Filter Videos:

How to Decrease Foul Odors?

– Check and change cabin air filter.

– Shampoo carpets and seats.

– Vacuum carpet and seats regularly.

– Clean up food and drink spills immediately.

In Conclusion, Fall and Spring are heavy allergy seasons. With it comes sniffles and sneezing possibly increased in part by a dirty cabin air filter. Take the above actions to reduce allergy or other respiratory irritations.

Free Sealant Upgrade

Get A Free Sealant Upgrade with A Red Clay Detail Purchase

What is the difference between a wax and paint sealant?

Wax is the most commonly known paint protection. It adds a warm and deep gloss to paint. However wax provides limited UV protection and durability. Wax contains carnauba. Carnauba wax breaks down faster in high temperatures. This requires more frequent applications. 

A sealant is man made and offers better UV protection. Besides water beading, it is great at repelling dirt and adding shine. A sealant makes cleaning your easier. Depending of the product, a paint sealant can last up to 9 months. 

Take advantage of this offer today. Book appointment 404-419-6882

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